About Graphyx City


Graphyx City is a branding & digital consultancy Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our main goal is providing business and strategic value for companies, brands, and future-driven projects. The work we do enables you to grow your business faster and easier, ensuring your business cuts through the noise and delivers a crystal clear message, with a consistent visual branding style, that is goal focused. Graphyx City's strategic thinking, distinctive logos & memorable visual identities will guarantee your brand looks polished & professional for years to come.

- Graphyx City.

Free Consultation Call

We Define, prioritise and plan your brand’s goals to create a roadmap for success.

Strategy & Brand Design

Develop a brand strategy to ensure the visuals, messaging, and user experience will work in unison. Then design the logo & brand identity.

Grow Your Business

Watch your brand grow with a clear message & visually consistent style, that will be recognized & trusted by your customers.

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